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serving to just a few on the expense of many – Swiss vote against penalising marriage

The idea goals to cast off this uneven tax burden, through adjusting the tax of those who find themselves married, to the identical fee applied to single working couples. In Switzerland, tax is calculated on married couples' joint income. this implies 2d earners …
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Tax damage for married couples rejected

The initiative calls for the next addition to art. 14 of the Swiss constitution on the appropriate to marriage and the domestic: “Marriage contains long-time period cohabitation, under the framework of legislation, between a person and a woman. For tax functions …
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French tax evasion crackdown yields €12.2bn in 2015, up 17 per cent

France has also cracked down on individuals who hang undeclared overseas bank accounts, primarily in neighbouring Switzerland where financial institution secrecy rules are unravelling. Sapin said that marketing campaign had yielded €2.6 billion in 2015, up €700 million from a yr …
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