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It's (nonetheless) Chinatown, Jake

Its rainfall averages about half of that of the Northeast, but that's nonetheless some 185 million acre-feet (60 million gallons) a year on average—an inconceivable quantity. in fact, it doesn't all fall where or when … the aim of this monstrous plumbing …
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competition, economy, tax fee places gaming tax revenues on the skids

compared with other states that have business casinos, Mississippi has the third-lowest state gaming tax charge in the us of a in the back of simplest Nevada and New Jersey. Mississippi levies a 12 percent tax fee on gross casino gaming revenues, of which 8 …
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Coeur Mining's 'high Grading' technique Is Paying Off – but the Franco Nevada

sadly, despite the upper sales rate than the manufacturing charge in the quarter, Coeur Mining nonetheless wasn't making much money as its all-in sustaining value per ounce of silver was $ 15.17. although that's significantly higher than the previous …
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