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Malta had 1/3 biggest european rise in tax-to-GDP ratio remaining 12 months

Malta had the 1/3 largest upward push within the tax-to-GDP ratio final year, regardless of a cut in earnings tax. Eurostat figures exhibit that compared with 2016, the tax-to-GDP ratio increased in 2015 in a majority of Member States, with the biggest rise being noticed …
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Fixation with automobiles and misinterpreting information

Put merely, if Tom can pay €5 profits tax, €5 VAT, €5 council tax and €1 on his car in Germany, and Dick can pay €5 earnings tax, €5 VAT and €1 on his car in Malta, Tom will pay 6.25 per cent of his tax payments as car tax, whereas Dick can pay 9 per cent. Tom is …
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Italians lead surge in international staff in Malta

in truth, whereas in 2000, earnings from foreign staff accounted for simply 2.4 per cent of personal profits tax and national insurance contributions, through 2015 this share had risen to 10.1 per cent, a vital bank of Malta report found. the quantity of …
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