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Muscat unrelenting on Gozoworks, says Busuttil should 'come clean'

Muscat stated that Malta was certain through ecu rules to keep its deficit under 3% of the gross home product, and that it was this fiscal probity that allowed the administration to maintain taxes low. “we have decreased the best profits tax rate to 25%. a lot …
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advert involved at Haz-Zebbug native council's 'mysterious' spending

Alternattva Demokratika Chairman Arnold Cassola has expressed issues concerning the Haz-Zebbug native council's terrible working funds. conversing at … He pointed to buy licences and eco-tax which are paid instantly to the critical executive. “The council …
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Lenkersdorfer: sure, Virginia, there’s public library in Burley

schools are funded by the group through taxation so why not work out a method to make these library resources available? sure, there would … folks living in Malta could merely go to the high school after hours and have get entry to to their books …
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