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Alaska town is correct to tax churches

OPINION: In Alaska, the Nome metropolis Council is shifting forward with a plan to end tax exemptions for church buildings, making it the primary American town to tax the church. With town price range projected to run a deficit, the Nome metropolis Council spent a one-hour …
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French churches aren’t simply momuments to faith, but repositories of the nations historical past, tradition and tradition.

keep an eye on Freaks

In France, as in most international locations, the history of the Church is intertwined(to say the least)with the historical past of the State. For the apparent motive. each are in the regulate business . both wish to inform their lost little lambies where/methods to live, and most significantly , what’s kosher and what’s now not.

The state does it with taxes, subsidies, rules and laws. The Church with spiritual mumbo jumbo. but,  as steadily happens with two power structures in competitors, they “pump up da volume” – as King Henry the Eighth did when he decided the best way to eliminate his issues along with his Chancellor, Sir Thomas more, was to eliminate him. Devishly simple, wot?

birthday celebration Time!

France’s Pope harmless 111( perhaps taking a cue from Mohammed, on whose sword was once supposedly written – “My message is peace”) had an equally easy and efficient method to his downside with the Cathares.(professional – cat-r’s) A religious “sect” who had been “stealing” followers through the carload from the Roman Catholic side o’ the street. Pope harmless invited all the Cathares to the walled metropolis of Carcassonne for a bar-b-que. Theirs. When the “Head Chef” mentioned that girls and kids had been included – his “Holiness” replied :”Kill them all. God will understand the Holy ones.”

This black historical truth has brought a brand new, equally black humor connotation to the name – “Cathares.” It now(also) method – “meat burned to a crisp.” As in : “Do ya want if uncommon, smartly finished, or…Cathares.?”

(The inummerable French scholars in my target audience might revel in “l épopée Cathare 1198-1216 with the aid of Michel Roquebert.” (variations Privat, 14 rue des arts,Toulouse.)

Leveraged Buyouts…and more

faith hates competitors. similar to that other power structure – The Multi-national corporation. however the place the Multi-nationwide’s solution could be to buy out your suppliers, undercut your costs,then “accumulate” you for pennies on the buck,religion goes right for the jugular. literally. If now not a backyard variety bloodbath like Carcasonne, then “Holy wars.” religion with an “part.” a way sharp facet.

The French Church’s contribution to these “missions of mercy” were the Knights Templars. Who, incidently were, among different things, the primary Multi-national.

Saving the Savages

Their primary mission as a ” Christian militia organization”, used to be to ” seize ” Jerusalem in particular, and the ” Holy Land ” normally.

meaning that they would have to(with the Church’s Holy blessing, bien sur) “do away with”any Godless Arabs  that might, for some inexplicable cause, feel that ,to parphrase Woody’s music….”this land is our land.”

Little Acorns

Like most of us, the Templars began small. So small, and negative, that their first logo was once two knights riding on one horse! however, the Templars had a high buddy in Holy locations, within the particular person of Bernard(later St. Bernard) of Clairvaux. His movin’ ‘n shakin’ yes the Pope In 1129 to annoit the Templars along with his Holy mumbo jumbo. Now, they could attract sufficient traders to have enough money a horse for each knight. high cotton!

no longer “On the Wagon”

The Templars name .Nothing to do with temperance, i’m chuffed to say. They began out calling themselves “The bad fellow infantrymen of  Christ.” Later, after one of the most many times they captured Jerusalem(and they “misplaced” it simply as many) and wanting a everlasting base, The King ‘0 J-city gave them an deserted(can ya bet why?) mosque on a hill overlooking the town. because the ruins on the mound had been(and you gotta love this phrase) “reputed” to be the remains of the temple of Solomon, the T-staff brought “of the temple of Solomon” to their corporate identification. And, contractions being as widespread then as now……it was inevitably decreased to “Knights Templar.


Christopher sturdy (The BICYCLE connoisseur) is the Creator/Director/Host of the Multi-Media lifestyle/adventure collection –  “Bicycle connoisseur’s Treasures of France, and the author of “Gliding to the Bonheur.” His in the back of the scenes story of that filming.

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