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Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution

Tossing off his suit jacket, leaving it rumpled on the sofa beside him, he dons a sky-blue Burlington school fleece and kicks rubber-soled footwear up on his coffee desk, subsequent to a replica of Robert Reich's new e book, Saving Capitalism. …. What the …
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What it in reality manner if the severance tax is off the desk

If proposals for a severance tax on shale drilling will get shelved, what's subsequent for natural gasoline producers? 5 months after it was once due, Pennsylvania still doesn't have a finances. but it surely's getting nearer. And the preliminary experiences about what a passed budget …
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Tax rate rundown introduced to selectmen

the purpose of this was to not have a proper dialogue on the place the tax fee must be, but to present the selectmen with the ideas gathered by using the financial workforce at this level on tax matters. The dialog of where the tax charge should be is …
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