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eight issues Single dad and mom need to find out about Taxes

Head of family standing. if you had been single on Dec. 31, 2015, earn as a minimum 50 % of your family profits and your kids are living with you for 6 months of the yr or more total, file as head of family. This frequently affords you a lower tax fee …
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7 ways Tax rules benefit the Newly Widowed

There's a unique rule for widows and widowers who promote the family house within two years of the day their partner died. Single householders can take as much as $ 250,000 of revenue on the sale of a home tax-free. For married couples, the maximum tax-free amount …
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house owner tax breaks seem protected, for now

WASHINGTON — Tax reform is revving up again on Capitol Hill, with the heads of key committees pledging to work toward a more practical and fairer tax code, probably one with lower tax charges. … Camp's plan would have shriveled marginal charges for most taxpayers …
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