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however "simply because individuals don't pay federal income tax doesn't imply they don't pay any tax. in reality, virtually everyone pays something. Three-fifths of those who don't owe profits tax work and subsequently pay Social security and Medicare payroll taxes," he writes.
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Retiree Tax bite Varies by means of State

Of the rest 41 states, plus the District of Columbia, which have an income tax, eight have a flat tax, which imposes a single price on all residents regardless of earnings. the opposite 33 states, plus the District, impose graduated tax rates, which tax …
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Free college and healthcare for all – how would Bernie Sanders pay for it?

for instance, growing the highest earnings tax rate to 50%, from the present 39.6%, would handiest bring in an extra $ 96 billion in tax earnings, in line with a recent analysis by way of the Brookings institution. (Sanders has now not recommended raising the top charge.).
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