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as the rich turn out to be tremendous-wealthy, they pay decrease taxes. For actual.

The IRS found that as you go from being basically wealthy (the 1 %) to super-duper wealthy (the 0.001 %), your average federal profits tax fee in truth goes down. In different phrases, the progressivity of the federal profits tax starts to collapse …
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Ceci brushes off criticism from federal finance minister about corporate tax hikes

Oliver, whose place of business did not respond to requests for comment, marked his opposition to Alberta's company tax hike as he slammed federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair for promising to raise the federal 15 per cent corporate tax rate while misstating the …
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Marijuana Growers Face 90 p.c Federal Tax fee, As Deductions for

“as a result of marijuana businesses aren’t allowed to deduct their bills, in certain cases, legal marijuana companies can pay federal earnings tax charges of nearly ninety p.c, whereas the Small trade Administration estimates that many small …
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