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Sorry, Mr. Obama: here's why elevating taxes on the wealthy won't work

a new associated Press-GfK ballot finds that sixty eight percent of americans think the wealthy don't pay enough federal taxes, and that 60 % believe the middle class will pay an excessive amount of — major media mavens to conclude that voters beef up President Obama's …
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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 24, 2015

As expected, President Barack Obama nowadays vetoed a invoice urging the administration to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport oil from the Alberta tar sands in Canada to refineries in the U.S..

the next statements from power and setting specialists on the Heartland Institute – a free-market suppose tank – is also used for attribution. For more feedback, consult with the contact information beneath. To book a Heartland visitor on your software, please contact Director of Communications Jim Lakely at jlakely(at)heartland(dot)org and 312/377-4000 or (cell) 312/731-9364.


“in a single fell swoop President Obama killed hundreds of yank jobs, raised home vitality prices, and ensured larger U.S. dependence on oil from nations which can be brazenly hostile to freedom, democracy, and the U.S. of america. In his complete lifestyles, Hugo Chavez by no means had a single day when he inflicted so much hurt on america’s economic system and nationwide security.”

James M. Taylor Senior Fellow for Environmental policy

The Heartland Institute




“The Keystone XL Pipeline is a common infrastructure project, like constructing an interstate or municipal water device, and will have to never have develop into a controversial issue. The oil sands from Canada are going to be produced and sophisticated regardless of whether or not this pipeline is adopted or no longer, if not via a pipeline to Western Canada en route to China, then by using rail to refineries in the us.

“Pipelines are safer and more efficient than trains, and the president’s resolution to veto Keystone XL may indirectly result in more injury to the atmosphere than approving the pipeline. Environmentalists: 1, setting: 0.”

Isaac Orr

research Fellow, vitality and surroundings coverage

The Heartland Institute




“with the aid of accepting, even promoting, the fully false conception that we can keep an eye on our planet’s climate only with the aid of restricting industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the Canadian and Alberta governments beef up the main driver of the anti-Keystone motion – fears that the project will facilitate oil sands growth, which in flip will increase GHG emissions.

“whereas Canadian leaders are right to indicate that, considered in a world context, any conceivable oil sands enlargement will have negligible affect on total GHG emissions and so local weather, they ignore the main challenge of the Environmental protection agency, and indeed much of the media. whereas admitting that U.S. GHG laws can have a mere influence on local weather, EPA Chief Gina McCarthy explained that the administration’s goal is to set an example to the sector of decreasing GHG emissions in order that others will apply.

“the only solution to defeat this argument is to reveal that industrial GHG emissions almost undoubtedly have negligible affect on world local weather. And one of the best ways to indicate that is to convene open, impartial hearings into, first, the climatic impression of oil sands enlargement and, second, the state of climate science as a complete. When the general public becomes more aware of the vast uncertainties in this immature science, fortify for the climate movement will wither further and Obama’s last excuse to block the pipeline will vanish.”

Tom Harris

executive Director

global local weather Science Coalition

Ottawa, Canada

policy marketing consultant, vitality and surroundings

The Heartland Institute




“Obama’s veto, whereas no longer stunning, remains to be disappointing and disgraceful. The president says we will have to apply the science in matters of vitality and environmental coverage, yet he does just the alternative on Keystone.

“lots of the pipeline has already been constructed and is functioning and the state department has twice issued reviews figuring out that Keystone XL could be environmentally benign, not even contributing to climate trade. nonetheless, for only political reasons, the president has vetoed an infrastructure project that would have created heaps of jobs, billions of bucks in income and taxes, and stronger the nation’s vitality safety.”

H. Sterling Burnett

analysis Fellow, surroundings &amp vitality coverage

The Heartland Institute

Managing Editor, atmosphere &amp climate news




“ultimately, President Obama has come clean along with his veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act. After six years of dithering in an attempt to appease both the environmentalists who don’t need it, and the unions who do, we now know on which facet he stands.

“because of today’s veto of the bipartisan bill that garners strong public toughen, including that of the Latino Coalition, however now not individuals who self-determine as ‘strongly liberal,’ it’s eventually clear that Obama cares extra about his environmental base than he does for the roles and financial stimulus the pipeline represents. For the Keystone opponents, it never used to be concerning the pipeline, or its safety it’s about the use of fossil fuels. Stopping the pipeline used to be just a solution to cease the glide of oil.

“The unions have been working behind the scenes to identify inclined Democrat legislators who will have to be balloting with them. Now the screws will tighten. I expect the wanted votes for an override will come through and the pipeline – simply one among dozens already crossing the U.S./Canadian border – can start construction, offering american citizens with heaps of excellent-paying jobs and elevated energy security.”

Marita midday

govt Director

citizens Alliance for accountable vitality




“The veto of the Keystone XL pipeline affords no economic or environmental merit and it entails continuation of a major chance to public safety, plus elevated fossil gas emissions in transport of the oil by means of rail. the one real function is to pander to recognition with an sick-informed self-righteous minority of non-producers who unfortunately include crucial part of the citizens and with whom the president appears to himself identify.

“If someone had any doubt left that President Obama is the enemy of the advance of the usa’s power infrastructure, that doubt will have to be erased by means of his veto of a resolution to approve the development of the Keystone XL pipeline.”

Walter Starck

policy consultant, atmosphere

The Heartland Institute




“it’s foolish that President Obama vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline for the reason that Canadian oil will probably be processed somewhere else if it’s not processed through u.s. oil refineries. The oil could also be shipped to China that’s desperate to lock in oil provides during the planet.

“u.s. refineries are beneath regulate by means of essentially the most-stringent imposing environmental company on the earth – the us Environmental safety company. Any an identical agency outdoor the united states could have less rigorous standards for protecting the public from air and water air pollution. international locations equivalent to China will pollute the air and water refining Canadian oil. The president’s veto demonstrates he has no self belief within the efficiency of his Environmental safety agency.

“This veto is also destroying jobs in the us for steel staff making the pipeline, construction staff building the pipeline, and refinery workers processing the oil. These high-paying job losses should be in the tens of hundreds. in addition, this delays establishment of vitality independence for North the us and shows Russian President Vladimir Putin we are not serious about punishing him for atrocities in Ukraine by using shutting down his oil gross sales.”

James H. Rust Professor of nuclear engineering (ret.), Georgia Tech

policy advisor

The Heartland Institute




“There are approximately fifty five,000 miles of pipelines in the U.S. with every other 30,000 to 40,000 smaller gathering pipelines that feed it to the most important ones. They not most effective do not pose an environmental ‘chance,’ they characterize the safest technique to transmit vitality resources. The Keystone XL pipeline represented, in addition, thousands of jobs in a nation the place 92 million are unemployed or underemployed. it could have generated revenue to benefit the states during which it passes and the nation as a whole. additionally it is an insult to the us’s ally and neighbor, Canada, the source of the oil that would be transmitted to our Gulf states for refining.”

Alan Caruba

Founder, The national nervousness middle

policy guide, The Heartland Institute




The Heartland Institute is a 31-year-old national nonprofit group headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Its mission is to find, increase, and promote free-market options to social and economic problems. For more data, visit our site or call 312/377-4000.

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